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Our mission is to foster a dynamic environment that empowers students to engage in deeper learning. The Learning Commons contributes to a shift toward an inclusive and collaborative culture that engages peer learning. Founded on valuing the backgrounds and many forms of knowledge that enrich student learning. We support the work students are doing with Disability Services and their faculty members.

We can assist you in…

Time Management

I forget assignments and things I need to do.

Learning Support can help you develop study plans and partner with you to stay on track.

I struggle with procrastination.

Writing Consultants can help you break down assignments into actionable tasks. You can schedule appointments for the Writing Center weeks in advance to keep yourself accountable.

Communication Skills

I find it difficult to participate in class.

Learning Support can help you prepare to speak in class.

I need to talk to my professor/advisor/supervisor.

Learning Support can help you prepare for these interactions by answering questions and helping you roleplay.

I’ve never made a poster before.

Center for New Media Design will work with you to present your research using text, images, and data visualizations.


I want to talk out my ideas rather than write them.

Writing Consultants are here to bounce around ideas with you and help shape them into writing.

I need help planning and timing my assignments and projects.

Librarians can help you organize big projects and make sure you have the resources you need.

Note Taking

I need help taking notes.

Learning Support can introduce new note taking techniques and help you practice.

I need help figuring out what is important to study.

The Math-Physics Center can help.


I need help understanding what I read.

Writing Consultants can work with you to improve your reading comprehension skills.

I have too much reading to do.

Learning Support can help you try new reading strategies that help you read faster and process better.

I have a print disability.

Learning Support can help you find supplementary materials such as audiobooks, slideshows, or videos.

Quantitative Skills (number stuff!)

I need help with my Math, Science, or Economics class.

All introductory courses in Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Math and Physics have outside-of-class learning supports. Your instructor in those classes can give you the information you need to take advantage of those resources.

Centers and Support

  • BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY CENTER provides multiple types of support and is available to students in specific biology and chemistry courses.
  • BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS CENTER provides multiple types of support and is available to students in three different economics and business courses.
  • CENTER FOR NEW MEDIA DESIGN is committed to supporting students during all stages of the design process, including creating and designing presentations, posters, flyers, illustrations, infographics, photographs, and brochures.
  • COMPUTER SCIENCE COLLABORATION CENTER is a space for students to hang out, work on computer science by themselves or with peers, and eat candy.
  • LIBRARY RESEARCH CENTER helps with research questions and navigating library databases. We’ll help students access eBooks, articles, streaming films, and more in our collections!
  • ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE works with multilingual students to enhance communication skills in English. In addition to reading/writing, speaking/listening, and grammar, we discuss common academic expectations and classroom participation.
  • LEARNING SUPPORT helps students develop strategies and practices so they can learn and progress independently. We work alongside students to improve organization, notetaking, reading, and retention.
  • MATH-PHYSICS CENTER guides students to find the answers by asking leading questions and comparing the problem to already mastered material. The goals of a consultation is to show students strategies for figuring out problems on their own.
  • WRITING CENTER assists students in creating stronger pieces of writing. We provide constructive feedback in order to help students hone the skills that they already possess as writers and editors.

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